Silence Is Sexy

Mother moon

Help mamma, I've been hurt again.

Secretly, madly and lovely hurt.  

I never wanted his arms, or lips... i just wanted that little music his soul makes.

Silly me. That secret medley it's only heard by the muse on his eyes.

The one that carries honey on her crown. 

I wanted nothing... now, I have a mirror full of empty memories. Predictions based on false believers. 

Give me strenght... so i can learn, what is not said yet... is not mine. 

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LuZ -

I jUsT wAnT tO sAy I lOvE yOu xD... ItS a SoNg I kNoW bUt ItS tHe TrUe aLsO... sO yOu ArE a StRoNg PeRsOn JuSt TrUsT iN yOuR sElF bEcAuSe I dO ;)
kIsSeS... yOuR mOm =D

*SoRrY fOr My BaD eNgLiSh xD